NATO's Playbook for Putinism | 2.20.15
To stop Putin, NATO must do more than simply speak up.

Valentine’s Day: Time to Show and Tell | 2.12.15
Saying "I love you" means a lot; showing "I love you" may mean more.

Rediscovering America's Purpose | 2.2.15
There is no consensus on America's global role.

The Least Bad Option | 2.2.15
Gitmo is unpleasant; the alternatives are worse.

Time to Get Real, NATO | 1.5.15
To deter Putin and prevent the piecemeal reincorporation of the Russian Empire, NATO nations must begin investing in defense.

The Economic Benefits of Common Sense
| 12.17.14
States that make economic policy based on common sense are doing better than those that don't.

Cure for a World Adrift | 11.25.14
Washington could learn from Churchill's wisdom.

America's Global Role | 10.1.14
Americans turn away from the world (again).

Capitalizing on the Capitalist Peace | 7.9.14
Nurturing free markets is as important as holding free elections.

Our Father's Fridge | 6.15.14
Heaven notices the little things people often overlook.

Back in the USSR? | 6.1.14
Putin needs to understand that swallowing Crimea is going to hurt.