The Anonymous War against ISIS | 10.14.14
The war against ISIS needs a name.

The Evil of North Korea | 10.3.14
North Korea is a monstrous regime. What can people of faith do?

America's Global Role | 10.1.14
Americans turn away from the world (again).

Back to Basics for NATO | 9.29.14
NATO needs to focus on its primary mission of deterrence.

Alone at the Front| 9.26.14
The administration is being criticized for the low number of allies contributing to the anti-ISIS war. So what?

Three's a Crowd | 9.1.14
A Gallup poll reveals that 60 percent of Americans believe “a third major party is needed.” Are there any third parties up to the task? And if so, what does history tell us about their chances for crashing the two-party party?

Economic Freedom and a Healthier Middle East
| 8.20.14
Freedom will take decades to fully bloom in the Middle East.

All the Horrors of All the Ages | 8.1.14
The Great War brought great costs.

Capitalizing on the Capitalist Peace | 7.9.14
Nurturing free markets is as important as holding free elections.

Our Father's Fridge | 6.15.14
Heaven notices the little things people often overlook.

Back in the USSR? | 6.1.14
Putin needs to understand that swallowing Crimea is going to hurt.

Mexico Needs Our Help
| 3.10.14
Is Mexico turning the corner or falling apart?