Inescapable Things | 8.5.15
Americans seem to be marginalizing—even offloading—a number of institutions that have made America a good and great nation.

Peacekeepers | 8.1.15
What if nukes are the only thing that keep us safe?

Terrorists, Tyrants and Treaties | 7.31.15
Iran cannot be trusted; this deal has to be scuttled.

China: 'Battle Ready' in the Not-So-Pacific | 7.15.15
China is deadly serious. Are we?

NATO: One for All or All for One? | 7.8.15
NATO is devolving from an all-for-one alliance into a one-for-all public good.

In Defense of Missile Defense | 6.15.15
Missile defenses may be more important than ever. Why has Washington been cutting the program?

Answer the Baltics’ S.O.S. | 5.29.15

NATO needs to deploy permanent assets in the Balts to deter Putin.

In Praise of (Good) Judgment | 4.27.15
It seems the only thing that's wrong nowadays is saying that something is wrong.

Cybersecurity Challenges for Canada and the United States | 3.1.15
If deterrence was the key to winning the Cold War, resiliency may be the key to winning the cyber wars.

Time to Get Real, NATO | 1.5.15
To deter Putin and prevent the piecemeal reincorporation of the Russian Empire, NATO nations must begin investing in defense.

America's Global Role | 10.1.14
Americans turn away from the world (again).