Time for Canada to Join Missile Defense Team | 7.11.16
Will Canada (finally) join the U.S., NATO, Japan and Australia on the growing missile-defense team?

Resourcing the Rebalance | 7.1.16
Washington's "Pacific pivot" won't work without more military muscle.

A Banner for the Nations: Preserving the Nation-State System, | Spring 2016
If the nation-state ceases to be the main organizing structure for the world, there is no guarantee the United States will have the same position it enjoys today.

The Lesson and Life | 6.19.16
What does Zephaniah tell us about seeking God's will?

NATO Returns to Deterrence | 6.15.16
Russia returns to its old ways, and NATO returns to its old mission.

When History Tipped toward Freedom | 6.6.16
D-Day rescued freedom for humanity.

Finding God's Fingerprints |5.2.16
What if everything's a miracle? 

Mission Statements | 4.1.16
Presidential doctrines tell the world what America stands for and will fight against.

Testing Times in Taiwan | 1.11.16
Washington must guarantee Taiwan's security. 

The Full Measure of Freedom | Winter 2015/2016
How can we quantify the level of freedom in a nation-state?

Economic Freedom & the Building Blocks of Prosperity and Stability | 11.9.15
The correlation between economic freedom and progress, stability and peace is too great to ignore.

Keeping the Open Seas Open | 10.23.15
The president needs to order the Navy to do what it has been doing for more than two centuries.

Darkness and Light at the Crossroads | 9.11.15
September 11 changed us.